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Stupid guy fights with girl

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Fights are not a solution of any thing. See in this video what happen to this stupid guy who hits the girl after some bad conversation. The right way not to argue with anyone and if you see situation is going beyond try to solve it amicably and with nice conversation but to get more aggressive and start fighting is not the final solution.

Fights can only damage the relation it can,nt  make it strengthen. Since I see myself as a relationship advocate for men all over the place, it is with disgrace that I make a most difficult affirmation: Men are substandard with regards to strife determination. We are. Let it be known. Whether in a contention, a mellow difference or a battle, we require a lesson on the most proficient method to make it work with our better half. Henry Kissinger, the expert representative, has a goldmine in relationship guidance workshops for men if he ever feel the slant.

The issue with us, as men, is that we see life regarding rivalry. Highly contrasting rivalry. Our legitimate nature is a friend in need in numerous life matters yet not in the domain of relationship strife.

Couple-fighting Stupid guy fights with girl

Fights always take you away from negotiations. We handle in such a normal, legitimate design that we have a tendency to distance our accomplice. Of course, we make our point and may even “win” the contention. In any case, what do we pick up over the long haul? Once more, our focused instinct is an obstacle when we can’t help contradicting a lady.

fight-right_main Stupid guy fights with girl

I know of what I talk. A lady I was once infatuated with let me know over and over, “you battle against me and not with me.” On that, I had no real option except to concur. Our contentions turned out to be so exceptional on the grounds that I made it an individual mission to tire her out with talk to the point of complete accommodation.

I needed to win and make her see my point. Also, if that was not the last result, my response was the noiseless treatment. Juvenile? Possibly. Yet, by God, I know I have great organization in such manner since I witness it firsthand from men and even have them let me know that they as well, feel the impulse to triumph over their accomplice with each conceivable contention. Newsflash folks: Relationship struggle is not a physical game. There is no genuine victor at last. When that is clear, you can start to battle the correct way.

One essential disclaimer: To battle, differ and squabble is human. I think that its miserable when couples declare with pride that they “never, ever battle.” Give me a break. You never, ever battle? All things considered, do you ever engage in sexual relations? Other than sex, no demonstration is more normal.

Beyond any doubt it might be upsetting. The option be that as it may, is to smother individual expression. Also, that is no great. At the point when done right, a battle is beneficial and even accommodating to a relationship.

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