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The Correct Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

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Correct sleeping position during pregnancy play a major role for comfort sleep. Every women should know the correct sleeping position during pregnancy. Pregnant women are struggling to get comfort sleep and not getting proper sleep. Its also possible your normal sleeping position may not work during pregnancy time. There are many reasons of discomfort of sleep. You may sleep at the beginning period as your usual sleep. But when the baby start developing you must have to change the position to get comfort sleep and not harm to baby as well. When baby is growing your heart is pumping more blood compare to routine period. There are some basic information you should know about your sleep.

correct-sleeping-position-3 The Correct Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

1- Why does I have to sleep left side during pregnancy.

When you are pregnant your body undergoes through numerous changes inside the body. These changes are making you discomfort. Due to wrong sleeping position you might suffer

correct-sleeping-position-2 The Correct Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

Back pain



Shortness of breath.

The best sleeping position is the left side sleep. As your liver is on the right side of your abdomen and left side position will help your uterus to work perfectly. On the left side position your blood circulation rate will increase, which actually more important for baby while growing period.

2- The best sleeping position for pregnant women as doctors recommended.

correct-sleeping-position The Correct Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

SOS (Sleep on side)

SOS (Sleep on side) is the best sleeping position as doctor recommended during pregnancy. Even it is more better if you are sleeping on your left side. It will increase the blood circulation and nutrients will reach to the placenta and your baby. To give the maximum amount of blood it is better to bent the legs and knee and place a blanket under it.

Sleeping position playing a major role in the growth of baby inside the tom. Baby need high amount of blood for growth and only correct sleeping position can be helpful.




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